The safety of your clients and staff is your first priority, and whether you are renovating an old building or starting from scratch, you need experts to quickly and reliably get the job done so you can open the doors.  › find out more

Solar power is an unlimited and clean source of energy that does not damage the Earth's environment. GoElite Electrical is committed to providing the optimal solution in solar power generation systems. › find out more

GoElite Electrical are 

telecommunications and data networking specialists. We provide a complete electrical repair, installation and maintenance service for all your telecommunications and data networking needs. › find out more

Electrical issues strike when you least expect them — and usually at the most inconvenient times. As part of our commitment to quality, we offer a 24/7 emergency call out service, so you can rest assured that GoElite Electrical will be there when you need them most.

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Our Services

GoElite Electrical have skills and experience to complete all your electrical services to the highest standards. With careful attention to every detail and the finest quality materials, you can trust GoElite Electrical to do a superior job every time.​  Find out more

GoElite Electrical can help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions through energy-efficient system design, installation practices and guided product choices. › find out more

Getting Electrical Upgrades for your business on the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane is a great way to improve energy efficiency, replace outdated infrastructure and improve the health and safety of your industrial operation. › find out more

Home Automation by GoElite Electrical uses technology to control the function of home appliances such as television, windows and lights. 

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Whether its a house, office or the factory it is important to have an up to date switchboard. Switchboards are the primary protection against electrical risks that cause fires and electric shock. 

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GoElite Electrical will provide an electrician to your Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane premises 24/7 - 365 days a year. We understand how important it is to get a quick response to an electrical issue that may result in a lack of amenity or danger for the family members or residents in your home. › find out more

Air conditioning installation can be expensive, so you want it to be done right the first time. A poorly design system will not only frustrate the user, but can also damage the system. 

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With over 15 years’ experience, GoElite Electrical are experts at finding electrical faults that could occur anywhere in your office or showroom. We do it quickly and affordably and invariably resolve the issue with the least amount of disruption. › find out more

At Go Elite Electrical our speciality is in new build homes.  Why pay multiple trades and have the headache of coordinating between them when we can take control of your entire electrical installation.

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If you are experiencing poor TV reception or cannot tune in to all the latest channels, then your current television aerial might need some attention. A new digital TV antenna means you can enjoy all the free-to-air channels, view the Electronic Program Guide, and watch TV in High Definition. › find out more

GoElite Electrical Specialise in home and office security systems installation. Our systems are designed to offer you piece of mind and keep your assets safe. › find out more

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The most important electrical work that a safe family home requires is maintenance. Keeping all circuits and systems in good working condition before they fall into disrepair is key to avoiding expensive, and potentially harmful problems further down the line.

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​​​Who We Are

Go Elite Electrical are Sunshine Coast based Electricians bringing years of expertise and a passion for excellent service right to your door. Our team of highly skilled A Grade electricians service domestic and commercial clients throughout the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane.  › Find out more

From office upgrades to start-up businesses, at GoElite Electrical our electricians are experienced in all facets of office fit outs.

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If you are wanting to create the ultimate “Home Theatre” experience – then GoElite Electrical can help design and install your dream Home Theatre.

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