Home Automation by GoElite Electrical uses technology to control the function of home appliances such as television, windows, lights and more. This appears like a simple remote control where you can consume the basic features of a certain appliances with just a click.

A home automation system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other in response to the wishes of the home owner. Instruct the home to start heating prior to your arrival at a preset time or change this if your plans have changed. The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to it becoming more affordable. Advanced control options are now available through smartphone and tablet connectivity.

​Once all the systems in your home are connected, they can be controlled from anywhere in the house or even the world. With the systems now integrated they can talk to each other to deliver the desired outcome. For example, as you arrive home, your home-automation system can automatically open your gate or garage, the system will then automatically go in the “Welcome Home” mode. As you approach the entry to your home the access control will unlock the door and disable the alarm, light the area depending on the time of day or light level, all without lifting a finger or turning a key. What you have seen here is just scratching the surface, the possibilities are only limited to ones imagination.

​Above all, our main aim is to ensure the technology in your home is as easy to use as possible. A common misconception is that the more complex the automation system, the more complicated it is to use. That’s simply not true! As long as it’s professionally designed, installed and supported, it should be as simple and intuitive as flicking a switch.

Home Automation

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