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GoElite Electrical provides Audio-Visual Installations in the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane – an important part of any business to remain at the forefront of the latest technology for its clients and future investment.

Our professional commercial electricians can advise on the right audio-visual (AV) units for your office or home, the most-suitable technology and a cost-effective solution. This type of technology can contribute to keeping you and your team productive as well as being a useful tool for engaging clients. We aim to help you get the best out of your premises and equipment whether it is a simple plasma screen display or a fully-automated theatre display in a board or meeting room.

Our audio visual installation service includes:

  • plasma and LCD screens
  • screens
  • projectors
  • AV automations
  • corporate meeting facilities.

Home Theatre & Audio Visual 

We are expertly trained in the design and installation of smart home automation systems, energy efficient systems, home audio systems, multi room stereo system, wireless home setups and theatre room design and installation .

If you are wanting to create the ultimate “Home Theatre” experience – then GoElite Electrical can help design and install your dream Home Theatre.

Here are the types of decisions we can advise you about and install for you:

Installation Height for the TV - based on the type and size of room and distance to the TV
Type of mounting bracket
Flat brackets are often the most visually appealing for wall installation, but if you need to install your tv higher for some reason then you may need the Tilt bracket. Swivel bracket - if the TV cannot be centred in the room or if you want to be able to watch it from different positions a Swivel bracket may be the best solution 
There are a range of cabling options for your home theatre and entertainment appliances: 

1)  In cavity – note the TV has to be located on an external (cavity) wall to enable this

2)  Chasing conduit into a wall - if the TV is located on a single solid wall with no cavity we can chase a conduit into the wall but this will also need plastering and paint afterwards

3)  Surface mounted ducting - can be installed on either side of the wall however if there is a wardrobe on the other side it is has less visual disturbance.

4)  CAT5e & CAT6 Cabling Installation – running from an internet modem to the TV for Foxtel or for a Smart TV and the sound system cabling can be hidden as well.

For an ideal Audiovisual experience, you need to talk to the wiring experts at GoElite Electrical, They are one of the essential contractors to involve in any home theatre project. 
Without correct wiring, building a home theatre can be a disaster. You can have great acoustics, lighting and furniture, but a home theatre without appropriate outlets is not a home theatre at all. It’s easy to overlook issues that come with projectors and wireless systems.
If you’re in the building process and you’re planning on a home theatre, then it’s best that you contact GoElite Electrical fairly early on.
“As soon as you decide where the room is going to be is a good time to call us so that we can help. “Then you can talk to acoustic people so you can have a proper theatre, not a fancy lounge room that’s acoustically sound and dark with no windows.”

If your house is already built and you’re renovating, it’s still important to call early on so that you know what your options are. In some older houses, rewiring may be more difficult than other houses, and GoElite Electrical will be able to advise on these matters. Though there may not be the option of having a completely dark room, GoElite will nevertheless be able to help with other audiovisual installation issues.