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The three main parts to a switchboard are the main switch, circuit breakers and RCD's.

Circuit breakers protect against over current and faults. They are designed to isolate the power when a problem occurs by switching off before the cable burns out and causes a fire.

RCD's (residual current device) protect against electrical shock. The device measures the amount of current that goes out and then comes back on the neutral. If there is a difference like voltage leak or electric shock then it trips the RCD. 

All devices that can have the potential of electric shock like power points and lights need to be on RCD's. All devices that are hard wired like ovens, hot water systems and air conditioners can be on circuit breakers.

Switchboard Upgrades

Whether its a house, office or the factory it is important to have an up to date switchboard. Switchboards are the primary protection against electrical risks that cause fires and electric shock.

There are sevear dangers associated with having an old out of date or incorrectly installed switchboard. The majority of older switchboards have re-wirable fuses that are dangerous and do not comply. Our fully licensed professional technicians only install quality protective equipment that have passed Australian standards. With minimal power outage we can shut down, change over and  carry out testing on your home or work place.  Let us tailor a board to best suit your installation at an affordable cost.